About Inner Body Healing Arts

Welcome to Inner Body Healing Arts

Inner Body Healing Arts is the culmination of a lifetime of study and practice by Bob Stickles.   Read about Bob here.


Inner Body Healing Arts is a full services system that includes: Hands on treatments, Body Energy Balancing, and Distance Energy Treatments as well as training for healing practitioners.


Inner Body Healing Arts Training 


Each level Is a building block to the next level.  Each level of Inner Body Healing Arts includes Meditation, Body Energy Balancing, and Instruction by Bob Stickles and skilled instructors that he has handed picked and trained.

Inner Body Healing Arts Training, is to bring out the best energy conduit out of each and every student.  To uncover the true abilities of each person in their lives and in their practice.

Bob's Philosophy

Bob loves teaching as it provides an opportunity for him to encourage people to heal and grow.  Bob has learned after performing countless sessions of Body Energy Balancing treatments that it's not only the technique being used but more importantly the quality and commitment he has to his clients in holding a clear energetic sacred space that magnifies the healing process.  This is where true healing happens.