About Bob Stickles

Welcome! I’m Bob Stickles. Inner Body Healing Arts formally (Universal Source Healing) had been a vision of mine for many years, which has come to manifest and is now a big part of my life. Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis.  I tried different medicines, went from doctor to doctor, and read all about the disease, thinking that there was something outside me that would help heal me. Then, one day, doctors told me my best and final option was surgery to remove part of my large intestines. But they couldn’t guarantee that the disease would be gone forever. It could come back somewhere else in my digestive system.

Suddenly, I was faced with a life altering decision and what I like to call ‘my new life’ began that day. For the first time in my life, I questioned if what others thought I should do was really the right thing for me. Could others really know what was best for me?

I decided to take responsibility for my illness. I made what seemed to be small changes but which actually had a big impact on my life. To start I changed my diet and stopped smoking. But the key for my healing was when I started looking into stress relief, meditation and how the body and mind work with each other.  I learned how to work with my own inner energy to promote my self-healing.


My life has changed so much since that day at the doctor’s office. I am healthy and free from a life controlled by Crohn’s Colitis. Meditation is and was the first step on my journey. It brought me to realize that it’s this moment that’s important. And there are many different ways to meditate: visualization, chanting, counting, just sitting quietly, breathing in a certain pattern, just to name a few. Meditating on making my intestines healthy and strong, every morning and evening, made me realize I could be healthy!! And I know this practice can help others. Helping others access their own healing potential has become a purpose in my life.


I love teaching others and offering guidance on how to meditate. Energy work has also been important in my recovery. I am a master Reiki teacher and have mastered many other hands-on and off healing techniques that may or may not sound familiar.


Body Energy Balancing is my creation, a combination of meditation and energy work that has given great relief to those who have experienced it. This treatment is a powerful medicine in and of itself! I am skilled at providing energy work both in person and from a distance.

Sincerely Yours, Robert Stickles

My Book

"I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis" is for sale online and can be ordered at your local bookstore or click here to find it on Amazon.com


This book is a quick read with lots of information about my life and healing. It explains how I overcame my own Crohn’s Colitis and how you can too.

I hope that my words, my story, and my spirit for healing inspire you to do the same in your life.