Class Schedules

Inner Body Healing Arts Level 1 & 2 Now Available!

Inner Body Healing Arts Training will be offered on the following dates.  The fee for each one-session class is $200 - click the button to register.   These classes will begin at 9 a.m. and run until Noon.  It is possible they may run a bit later  For more information Click here to learn more about Inner Body Healing Arts Training.

Upcoming Classes:

                          To be announced.

If you, individually, or a group of your friends are interested in a class, please contact me to arrange for a time. 


Do you have a friend to whom you would like to "gift" a training?  What a great idea! 


Click here to send an email inquiry about a private group training or purchasing a gift certificate.



114 Barre Paxton Road

Rutland, MA 01543

"3 A.M. mind racing, finally got up and grounded myself, wow, what a gift I can now really give myself!!" 


MM  about just one of the tools from this class!