Distance Healing

In order for healing to occur, do I need to be in the same room with you?  The same state?  The same country?  The answer to all of these is no.  This is a difficult concept to explain, but we are all connected. 


There is an energy that is all around us.  Consciously or unconsciously we are all tapped into it.  You might experience this as a feeling that you are going get a call or see someone one day and sure enough they turn up in your day and your words might be “I was just thinking of you today”.  Another example might be feeling like someone close to you needs something or is hurting and you got that gut feeling to call and when you did you found out they really needed you.



Let me explain how distance healing works:


This way of relating to each other is the exact energy I tap into to send you your distance treatments.   By bringing myself into a deep meditation and using your name and perhaps a picture or some basic information about you, I align myself with your energy to deliver the treatment you need and deserve.  I understand this sounds mystical and some people think downright weird, but it is a powerful healing experience.  I have made this available on a donation basis, please work within your means. I believe distance healing will live up to or surpass your expectations.  I hope you give it and me a try.


How to Arrange for a Distance Healing Session:


Contact Me


  • You schedule an appointment for a time that we both can make where there are no phone calls, emails, people disrupting you, etc; thirty minutes of your uninterrupted time is essential so you can enjoy your session.


  • A phone number so I can call you before the appointment to discuss any needs you have that you would like addressed during your session.


Prepare Yourself for Healing


  • For those of you I have not met in person, a picture of you emailed to me is helpful so I can focus my meditation on you so you will receive the best treatment possible.


  • You need to have a place that you can lay down and be warm and comfortable. This is your session.  I want you to be comfortable so that if you do not want to get up after, you have the option of continuing to relax. My work will last 30 minutes however the effects may continue and at times this means listening to your body and taking your time in getting back to your day.




  • You can have a 15 or 30-minute treatment with the same effect as if you were here on my table. Donation of $20 for a 15 minute treatment or $35 for a 30 minute treatment.