Body Energy Balancing

Inner Body Energy Balancing is my trademark healing technique. Over 20 years of practice, I created this technique through healing work and meditation as a combination of necessity and practicality.

I was trained in traditional practices of hands-on Reiki and Shamballa and many other techniques of energy healing. I was determined to find ways to incorporate touch while maintaining the highest level of comfort for my clients.  By using the principles of body/energy connections and how the human body is wired, I developed a way to heal through touch but also take into account my clients’ optimum comfort.

I understand and apply the best ways to affect your energy.  I am able to help align your Chakras, strengthen the Aura and clear your energy pathways, applying a total, all-round balancing effect to the body’s energy system.

What you should expect:  We will start the session with a 15-20 minute discussion about what you want and need out of this session. You will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed and covered with a blanket so you can be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  Gentle, relaxing music will surround you.

I will cup your ankles in my hands and start to meditate.   You will feel healing energy start moving through your body as you become more and more relaxed.  As the energy flows, it will help break up stagnant energy and re-energize your body. The session on the table is approximately 45 minutes long.


This treatment has a cumulative effect because as the days go by after your treatment, and your energetic system is cleaned, cleared and strengthened, it will continue to build off of the renewed energy. 


A new you will arise!


Cost:  $70.00 USD