Humming Meditation

What does the Humming Meditation do?

Humming Meditation is older than the Bible.  In the bible the Vagus Nerve is called the silver core.  I am not going to share all the information that is available there about humming.  If this subject interests you just look it up online there is tons of information out there.   But here’s an easy way of thinking of it: 

Humming stimulates the Vagus Nerve which is connected to all the organs of the body. 

When you hum it stimulates your Vagus Nerve which brings your organs into balance. 

I made this audio file as a friend for you to hum with.  It is 30 minutes long with a 2 minute break every 10 minutes.  The 2 minute breaks can be used to sit in silence or can be your timekeeper.


  • Sit in a chair

  • Feet flat on the floor.  (If you like visualize tree roots from the soles of your feet down to the center of the earth.)

  • Tongue on the roof of your mouth

  • Hit play on the audio file below

  • Just follow my lead and start humming. 

  • Inhale naturally into your belly and exhale out humming. (The tone of your humming will adjust itself.)

  • Stop when you want, start when you want.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way.


If you need more instruction or have questions please email me at


Humming Meditation