Inner Body Healing Arts - Training

Inner Body Healing Arts is the Culmination of years of experience.  Bob Stickles is going to share with you simple techniques and practices.  He is going to share how to be a better conduit of energy.

Answering that age-old question, how do I become a better healer?  In level 1, Bob is going to share a simple meditation and beginning level of his signature energy work called Body Energy Balancing.  This meditation and healing energy techniques will teach you to show up for yourself and your clients improving your life and also the lives of your clients.

As you grow in Level 1 training through the daily meditation practice and use of the techniques of Body Energy Balancing, you will find yourself ready for level 2. Bob further explains and expands on your practice by introducing you to an additional meditation of moving energy through the body as well as a manner for application of Body Energy Balancing to a client from a distance.

As you grow in your practice, Inner Body Healing Arts will be right there with you.  Bob wants to share his knowledge and experience with you-things such as: 


  • How he uses crystals in meditation and healing work. 

  • How to expand your energy and the vibration effecting the people around you. 

  • How to move past all known techniques and be a master energy conduit. 


Let Inner Body Healing Arts help you in your healing and life’s goals 


Bob’s philosophy is simple.  “Free your mind and the Energy will follow”.    


Terms & Conditions


Any training program that you embark upon is only as successful as your effort and focus on the skills and practices being taught.  Inner Body Healing Arts makes no claim or representation as to your abilities to perform treatments or earn income as a result of said training.