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Meditation Consultation

Do you need help creating your personal meditation practice?  Have you meditated for many years and you don’t know where to go from here?  Are you a beginner, and you want a place to start your meditation practice?


I have meditated over thirty years, have poured over books, manuals, and have taken many classes and given many as well.


Through my journey of life, and meditation is a large part of my daily life, I have learned one thing: ultimately each individual creates their own meditation practice.

You can be following a practice either given to you by a teacher or a guru, or something you have read.  However, the minute it enters into your consciousness your interpretation of the meditation has changed it forever.


The truth is no one can describe the bliss of meditation.  However, you can be helped to feel your own bliss from the understanding and the creation of your own form of meditation.  I can be the Meditation Consultant for you.




Book a session.  Let’s have discussion about your meditation.  Let me help you to navigate the world of meditation.


Each session is 60 minutes.


The session can be done over the phone, Skype, or in person.


I am asking for a donation of $60 for the hour.  Which can be paid by just clicking the Paypal button below.


Thank You

Bob Stickles

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