What People Say About Working With Bob Stickles

“Bob is a humble, exceptionally talented teacher of meditation and energy worker. One feels totally safe and cared for in his presence. He has been instrumental in helping many people heal from physical, emotional, and spiritual crisis through his generosity around sharing his time and his warm, but no nonsense, being. I was told many years ago by someone I respected that if I wanted energy work done, I should go to Bob. She was right. I thank her for Bob coming into my life.”    Diane



“I constantly suffer from chronic sinus and ear pain. My reflexology sessions with Bob have brought some much desired relief from the pressure on my sinus cavities. With continued sessions, I strongly feel with my chronic pain may be alleviated! In addition to the relief of my sinus, I find the session most relaxing after a hard day’s work!”    Lisa



“Bob is a rare find who brings a warm and loving heart, healing hands and enthusiastic dedication to his profession and to the awakening of consciousness.”    Donna



“As far as I am concerned, you're a godsend for all that you do. You're very dedicated and I think that’s a gift. I know you have made my life situations easier to deal with. And things are getting better in my life every day. I've meditated at home and in your class. I have to say I enjoy being with a group. Thanks for being you!!”     Marielle



“I've been attending Bob’s meditation class for about 3 years now. I can’t say enough how this has helped me. I have not only learned to meditate and relax, but I have found a place where I am truly comfortable. Bob knows how to make people feel welcome and at home. The meditation group is very welcoming and inclusive, and that reflects on how well Bob runs his classes. Bob is a very good teacher and leader. I also enjoyed taking the Chi Gung class Bob ran. I can't say enough about Bob’s ability to teach.”     Julie



“With only a slight interest in meditation, I came across Bob’s class by chance over a year ago. I continue to go because he is a warm and gifted person who is always teaching me something new.”    Erik



“Bob's meditation class really packs a wallop, I went for several years, and things happen there that just don't happen at other classes I've gone to. He has great healing energy. His Chi Gung class is great too.”     Brett



“My life is more about the moments of each day, since I have worked with Bob. Bob has amazing abilities to share his gifts of healing energies. I learned to meditate and chant, opening my spiritual connections. My mind and body have more movement with the release of tension thru his Reiki and Reflexology treatments.”      Margo



“Bob's gifted in his ability to make people feel at ease and he's genuine and honest with people. Just by being around Bob, you know that he's trying to help each person he talks with, to feel better about themselves and their lives. His meditation classes are the best around. They've given many people a reason to try things they never would have, as well as helping them forgive themselves for things they couldn't release before and just for seeing that life IS good.”     Vivian


“My sister introduced me to Bob Stickles at one of his meditation classes. Sue told me his story and how he cured his Crones Disease. I decided to schedule a session with him as I was having severe painful stomach pain and digestive problems which caused me to lose weight. My sister said he could help me.

Bob made me feel very comfortable and his easy-going manner put me at ease as I really had no idea what a session with him would consist of. We discussed what was going on with me and what brought me to see him.


I was asked to lie down on the table in his studio and was covered with a blanket and I could choose music if I wished. Bob placed his hands on my ankles, I closed my eyes and the session began. A feeling of total relaxation came over me and this feeling stayed with me for a week or so.


The energy I received helped to understand how my illness was a physical, spiritual and emotional manifestation in my stomach. The major issue in my life didn’t change but I received the ability to heal on all levels. My stomach pain and heart burn diminished over time.

I have had Distance Healing from Bob a number of times and found it as helpful as if I were in person. I live in Vermont and don’t travel out of the state for the six months of winter. I schedule a session with him at his studio when I visit my sister.

I’m so grateful to Bob for his help and TLC. His fee is very reasonable, he always gives me 100% of himself, he spends as much time with me as I need and I appreciate his dedication to helping me.

I get what I need from Bob.”    Kathy B., So. Burlington, VT


“I have known Bob for a number of years. He is caring, conscientious, and dedicated to facilitating healing in those who are open to alternative methods. With Bob I have taken meditation classes and Reiki training and have received energy work, which was amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of a true path toward improved health.”  Kathy


“I have been seeing Bob Stickles monthly for about six years. I find the energy work he does powerful enough to keep coming back. I find when I miss a month, I start to feel out of sorts and feel back together once I see him again.”     Diane S.


“It's hard to describe in a few words what Bob does, in a nutshell he uses Energy to help You heal & change Yourself. He custom tailors each person's session, he will make you think. Change comes from within, it can be hard & slow. He gives you the tools to guide you along. Bob is such a pleasure to work with. I've been seeing him for many years and look forward to many more years of spiritual growth & change.”     Elaine O.


“I have been going to Bob for 2 years. I go to him monthly for him to balance my energy and help me to become centered. Bob has also taught me how to meditate, which I do regularly, Bob has also helped my kids in dealing with the stresses of school, etc. I also received Reiki 1 and 2 certification from him. Bob has made an amazing impact on my life, more than I could have ever asked for.”  Gail K.


“Working with Bob has been a life changing experience. I went to see him to work on my energy and to work on healing my body after many years of illness. The session was about 45 minutes, however he spends time with you before and after to continue to help you work towards your goals. If you really listen to what Bob is saying you will come to some mind blowing conclusions about why you have lived your life the way you have to this point. He is a wonderful man and has become a wonderful friend. I would recommend him without hesitation.”     Jennifer G.


“Bob is an extremely gifted healer who I recommend whole heartedly. I am a regular client of his seeing him frequently to keep my energy aligned and clear. The difference I feel mentally, emotionally and physically after a treatment from him is wondrous. Being a healer myself for over 20 years I very rarely have people who work on me and I was more than pleasantly surprised when I went to him. The calm, centered feeling I leave with every time I see him is something I cannot help but look forward to. His treatments are like nothing I have ever experienced. You will not be disappointed by his healing hands and reassuring insight he offers.”    Heather C.


“Bob helped me during my difficult fight with liver cancer. I was surprised and pleased with his healing abilities. I was also happy to find him a loving human being and glad he became such a close friend so easily. I recommend his healing skill to anyone. God Bless you and him.”    Ayal Z.


“Bob is an amazing healer. I had never had a session before going to Bob and I was a little skeptical. But, I thought "What the heck, I'll try it." I left that session & subsequent sessions feeling alive & energized but also at peace & relaxed & whole. It is unlike anything else. He is truly gifted.”   Cap S.




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